Maths Puzzles!

Can you find a Maths puzzle or challenge that you would like to share with year 5 & 6? If you have post it here!



New Page – “Book Reviews”

See our new page where you can write about a book you have read recently or tell us about one of your old favourites! Do you have a book to recommend that is suitable for primary school children?pace_e_bene__architetto__01

Mrs. Mac’s Daintree Rainforest Photos

See Mrs. Mac’s visit to the Daintree on the Rainforest Page. 

6W “Daintree Development” Assembly

The Daintree RainforestToday 6W presented a dramatic presentation at assembly on saving and protecting the Daintree Rainforest in far North Queensland. A scenario was presented whereby “Mac’s Developers” wanted to build a resort in the Daintree. The children identified the stakeholders; people, animals and plants that would be affected by the development, and put forward their opinions on the development. The Stakeholders were the developers, the Indigenous people of the area, wildlife rangers, animals, the greens, scientists, plants, residents, tourist operators and the tourists. The children did a great job and the message about saving our beautiful rainforest was well received by the rest of the children in the school. A great job 6W!

6W would love to know what you thought about their assembly!

New Page!!! Stage 3 Artists

Take a look at our amazing art work on our “Stage 3 Artists” page.

stage 3 008stage 3 017

National Maths Day – Fri 22nd May

National Mathematics Day 2009 is tomorrow (Friday 22 May)! The focus for the day is on where our mathematics learning is going. Here are two videos about why learning Maths in important. What do you think of them?

When do you use Maths? How do your parents use Maths?

Friday Focus Groups

In Stage 3 on Fridays we are participating in activities involving Drama, Physical Education, Mathematics and Lego Robotics. Class groups move to each activity on an hourly rotation.What do you all think about our Friday Focus Groups? I would be keen to hear your ideas and thoughts.